Technocrane Default Position

The Technocrane needs to be measured in a standard default position. In addition, the encoders must be powered on in this position each time the crane is tracked in order to give consistent results.

The crane’s default position is:

  • Boom all the way retracted

  • Boom leveled. Many booms have a built in level, as shown above.
  • Camera head leveled and pointed in the same direction as the boom. Note: this needs to be accurately aligned. The method of aligning the head to the boom is explained next.

Activate Hydraulic Leveler

To keep the remote head of the Technocrane level, there is a hydraulic leveler. Make sure that it is turned on, and initialized when the crane’s spirit level is horizontal.


Remote Head Alignment

To ensure that the remote head is accurately aligned with the jib:

  • Place a laser projecting level on the floor (Pacific Laser Systems PLS180 Palm Laser).

  • Align the laser so that it projects down the center of the jib.

  • Add a marker to the wall or to a far away vertical object where the vertical laser line intersects.
  • Tilt the remote head down and pan over until the center of the live video view is centered on the wall mark.
  • Tilt the remote head back up until the head is leveled.

The crane is now in the default position for both initial measurement, and subsequent powering on of the encoders.