Virtual Production Made Easy

You’ve read the stories about the power and creative freedom of virtual production and virtual sets — most of which mention studio-straining budgets.

Previzion enables breakthroughs in virtual production costs in a whole new direction — downward.

The Secret is Integration

Previzion integrates technology for real-time keying, tracking, rendering, compositing, color correction, and motion capture, with realistic focus and depth of field effects.

It can be used for static, dolly, jib arm, and even handheld shots.

More importantly — it just works. Multiple years of development have come together to enable working in a hybrid live action/CG environment to be just as intuitive as a live action shoot. Use the same cranes, jibs, and handheld shots that you’re used to.

The difference is that the sets fit on a thumb drive.

A Coordinated Approach

Previzion fuses all of these disciplines into a seamless whole, enabling all of the benefits of virtual production — without requiring years of integration effort.



Award Winning Technology


Emmy® Award

Great Wall Demo

Previzion in Action