There are a few scene utilities within Previzion that help to make on-set production easier and more efficient. These few utilities work as a predetermined parameters that are loaded into Previzion as editable transforms and camera locations.

Camera Locations

When creating scenes in Maya you are able to create cameras to be used within Previzion. By creating cameras it will make the operator’s job easier to jump to predetermined camera locations within a scene. To create cameras for Previzion is simple, just create a new camera and name it with camera_name. Previzion will only load in cameras that are created by the 3D team, and not the default Maya cameras.

To select these cameras while in Previzion, go to the Tracking tab and use the sub-menu Camera Locations.



Editable Transforms

While shooting in Previzion you are able to move objects around in the scene by choosing certain edit_ parameters in the Scene tab and changing their locations. When creating your scenes you can choose objects, groups, and sub-groups. You are able to make any object or group into editable transforms, including having nodes within groups all as editable objects.

Example edit_ structure: