Day 3 Morning: System Overview


  • HDSDI inputs
  • MPEG issues
  • Video source remapping
  • Combination of alpha and images planes
  • Default video planes
  • Cgfx shaders & scenes
  • Start, Stop, Reset controls

Quick Keying

  • High and low points
  • Matte choking

Garbage Mattes

  • 3D mattes – input from survey
  • Drawable Mattes (what is the difference)
  • Chroma suppression mattes


  • Real time performance issues for rendering backgrounds
  • Load (why no save button)
  • Using edit flags

Takes & Meta-data

  • Naming conventions
  • Reference images & recorded data


  • Saving system states
  • On-screen text display
  • Warnings and error lights
  • Checking performance metrics
  • External animation interfaces
  • Prelink, Motionbuilder and Maya data sharing overview

Day 3 Afternoon: Survey and Match

  • Place tape on floor
  • Survey tape location; enter survey marker
  • Create cube asset in Maya; remove pivot offsets
  • Export to Previzion
  • Shoot quick data and plate take

Post Production

  • Take converter
  • Interface to post tracking systems (Syntheyes and 3D Equalizer)

Finish: Load tracking data and plates into 3D Equalizer