Updating your Previzion Software

Previzion systems are optimized and tuned to run with very specific hardware from the manufacturer.  Therefore, any hardware upgrade has to be either done or approved by the manufacturer, Lightcraft Technology.

However, Lightcraft is constantly adding new features and improvements to the Previzion software.  The software itself is usually fairly easy to update.

To update Previzion, refer to any release announcements or release notes.  If you are not receiving release announcements, please sign up by emailing support (at) lightcrafttech.com.


Downloading a new Previzion release

Any installers and Previzion releases are available for download from Dashboard.  Dashboard is a secure file management utility that allows for Previzion users to easily access new releases of all Lightcraft tools and applications.

Previzion releases will be listed under Previzion Builds/Plugins.

Only verified Previzion users have access to this web utility.  If you are a Previzion user and/or owner and you are seeing this utility grayed out, please contact your Lightcraft representative to have this enabled.


Update Procedure

For most Previzion releases, all that you need to do is literally replace the current  Previzion.exe file with a new one.

To replace Previzion.exe:

  1. Start by backing up your current  Previzion.exe, located in C:\Program Files\Lightcraft\Previzion.  You may do this by copying it to another location.
  2. Download the Previzion release from Dashboard.  Regular releases are typically named Previzion-###, where #### is the build number.
  3. If the file is in a zip archive, extract the zip.
  4. Rename  Previzion-###.exe to  Previzion.exe
  5. Copy this new Previzion.exe to C:\Program Files\Lightcraft\Previzion
  6. Launch Previzion and verify that it is working properly.

Depending on the amount of change from one Previzion build to the next, you may need to run a Previzion Installer.

To run full Previzion installers:

  1. Start by backing up all your scenes, lens files, takes, save states and any important data that you may be using in your productions.  Previzion installers do not usually erase any user files, but it is always good practice to have these backed up.
  2. Dowload the Previzion installer from Dashboard.  Installers usually follow this naming convention: InstallPrevizion-####, where #### is the build number in that installer.
  3. If the file is in a zip archive, extract the zip.
  4. Run InstallPrevizion-####.exe following the instructions on screen. (Please note that the installer needs to be “Run as Administrator”.  To do this, right click on the installer exe file and select “Run As Administrator”.)
  5. Launch Previzion and verify that it is working properly.

Not all installers are compiled with the latest Previzion builds, so you may need to run full Previzion installers first then replace the Prevision.exe with the latest one.


Installing Hardware Licensing File

Hardware License file is an authentication file that works with your Previzion license dongle to protect your Previzion system.

To get your company Previzion license file (named PrevizionLicense.xml):

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\Lightcraft\GetSystemIdand open GetSystemId.exe
  2. When the utility opens, click on “Run”
  3. Input your company name and the system number (if you only have one system, this will be “1”.  For a second or third system, enter “2” and “3”, respectively, and so on).
  4. Select “Done”
  5. Click on “Copy All”
  6. Paste this text into an email and send it to support (at) lightcrafttech.com
  7. We will reply with your license file within 24-48 hours.
  8. Simpy copy your license file in the same folder as Previzion.exe C:\Program Files\Lightcraft\Previzion\  
  9. Launch Previzion and confirm that everything is working properly.
Any build numbered 6800 and above will be required to have a Previzion license file.