InertiaCamDemo or sfServer Slow Start

If InertiaCamDemo or sfServer takes an unusually long time to sync to the IS1200, there is probably another serial stream present. Disconnect the serial streams to the Airtrack and turn off the encoder box to isolate the IS1200 behavior.

Hardware Refresh Rate Too Slow

When the IS1200 is working properly, the hardware refresh rate (highlighted in red above) is between 120 and 180. If this number is much lower, like 9 or 5, then the IS1200 is not responding to the sfServer calls. Typically, the remedy is to turn off sfServer, power cycle the IS1200, and then restart sfServer.

Intersense won’t lock

Several things can cause this, here is a quick list of things to check for.

  • Do you have the correct constellation loaded? Follow these steps
  • Are your fiducials the correct size for the distance you are trying to detect them IS1200? More info here
  • Do you have the required Intersense files in the CFG folder? The IS1200 requires the following items be present in the CFG folder;
    11x17_Banner.cfg, rootGalaxyPSEs.cfg, vehicle1\defaultVehiclePSEs.cfg, vehicle2\defaultVehiclePSEs.cfg
    If you have accidentally deleted these and do not have a backup copy they are available on the dashboard as“InterSense VisTracker Software” or directly from Intersense


Hardware Diagnostics

If InertiaCamTest shows a correct camera image, and 2 devices are being detected, but the camera refuses to acquire and track the targets, check the hardware settings with the HWDiags.exe utility, found in C:\InterSenseVisTracker\Programs\HWDiags.

  • Click Connect to connect to the tracker. (Make certain that the Airtrack and encoder serial streams are not connected.)
  • Camera and IMU self-tests are selected by default. Click Run Selected Tests to check the hardware status of the camera and IMU. After setting the camera on a level surface pointing straight up, click to confirm the test. HWDiags will return the status on the camera and IMU self-tests.
  • Click Disconnect to disconnect, and exit the program.