Intersense Orientation

When configuring offsets and settings for the Intersense IS-1200, you will also need to take into account the Intersense Orientation in relation to the production cinema camera.

To access the Airtrack/Intersense Configuration window, navigate to the Tracking Tab and, under Sync or Location, you will need to have them set your Sync and/or Location trackers as to Aitrack and/or Aitrack/Intersense respectively.  Click on “Configure” next to either of these trackers to open this Configure window.

To enter the Intersense orientation, we reference the Intersense camera as pointing all the way forward, with the Intersense sticker facing up and with its connector sticking to the right as being 0 degrees for Pan and 0 degrees for Tilt.  This is the Intersense’s default orientation.

  • Yaw/Pan – refers to the rotation of the Intersense in a horizontal plane.
  • Pitch/Tilt – refers to the rotation of the Intersense in a vertical plane

In Previzion builds preceding 6310, there used to be another parameter marked as “roll.”  It referred to the rotational offset in degrees around the length of the IS-1200 from front to back and it made things very confusing.

With that in mind, if we have the Intersense on top of the production cinema camera, pointing straight up, at 90 degrees (perpendicular to the cinema camera), the Intersense Orientation would be 90 degrees tilt.

Lightcraft’s omni mount for the Intersense is equipped with a spring detente pin that clicks in tilt position at every 22.5 degrees.  So at every “click” the IS-1200 will be set to a known angle.


Intersense Orientation with Floor Targets

When using Portable Floor Targets, it is not uncommon to point the Intersense to the floor.  In that case, the references are still the same, but the angles become negative numbers.

As a side note, some Intersense mounts have labels that say “front” and “back”.  These, when the Intersense is pointing down, become reversed and “Front” actually points back in this configuration.

Pointing IS1200 to the side

Where the targets are located to the left or right of the camera, the Intersense can be oriented to the left or right of the camera.  Try keeping any “pan” offsets to whole 90-degree increments.


With the Intersense label facing up,when the Intersense is pointing:

  • left, perpendicular to the camera lens, the “Pan Offset” is negative 90 degrees (like image above)
  • right, perpendicular to the camera lens, the “Pan Offset” is positive 90 degrees