Animation Panel

The animation panel provides a real time window into the incoming Prelink animation packets.

Processing shows the percentage of a single frame required to process the incoming frame packets. This should stay under 100% to keep animation smooth.

Queue Size shows how many animation packets are in the queue. This is generally 0 or 1.

Timecode displays the timecode embedded in the incoming Prelink packets, if present. This is also displayed as ‘Animation Timecode’ in the Screen Text on-screen display.

Missing Nodes lights if the incoming animation transforms contain nodes that do not have a corresponding name in the scene that Previzion has loaded. The light will flicker once per incoming unmatched node, after which the missing node name is written into the Previzion log file and can be examined there.

Capture captures the incoming packets into a text file. Press Capture to begin recording animation packets, and again to stop recording animation packets. After stopping capture, a dialog box will show up to name the file and location to save.