Previzion System Error Log and System Error Light

Whenever there is an error with any Previzion component or dropped frames during takes, Previzion triggers the “System Error Log”.   In System Tab,  you may view the error message by selecting “Show Errors” or by pressing E in your keyboard.

To clear the error log, simply click on “Clear Errors” or Alt+E on you keyboard.

Previzion writes system errors on each run to a named error log in the /Program Files/Lightcraft/Previzion/Logs directory.  You view all logs in this directory if necessary.  In the example above, the log is named 2012_07_23_115732_Previzion.err.

In builds after 6296 and newer, there is the addition of a “System” error light that indicates whenever “Error Log” has detected an error.

The “System” error light is most useful when Previzion is running a scene that is very large or processor-intensive.  During takes, because drop frames can happen in a split second, this error light behaves differently.  During Previzion takes, it behaves like a circuit breaker: ON when it detects something and OFF if the error log is cleared (Alt+E).



Previzion Build Numbers

In all Windows 7 builds,  in System Tab, listed under Error Log File, there is an About button that shows the system IP and build number.  It is important to know what build number your Previzion system is running to keep track of feature additions and possible request/reports.  Lightcraft constantly works to improve Previzion and we welcome feedback.

The current Previzion build number is shown in the About Previzion window, as shown above.