Creating a Flat File

For initial entry of fiducial positions, the IS1200 uses a “flat file” that consists of four columns of data, separated by spaces or tabs. The first column contains the fiducial ID number. The second, third, and fourth columns contain X, Y, and Z values in meters. Note: the Intersense Z axis is reversed from the surveying instrument’s Elevation axis, so the values should be negated!

An example of the contents of a flat file follows:

2300 -0.455008 1.408265 -0.994395
2400 -0.429971 1.405799 -1.249831
150 -0.00359 0.65526 -0.004673
100 0.387144 0.666332 -0.009281
200 0.391817 -0.002817 -0.002492

The flat file has a standard .txt extension, so it can be read and edited with Notepad or Wordpad.


Constellation Files

For easier entry of data, Lightcraft has created a set of constallation file generation tools that are available on the Downloads page. These are able to go directly from survey data to finished files.