Loading a Scene


The virtual background scene controls are located in the Scene tab of the interface. In the Scene panel, click Load to load a new virtual scene. FBX files are presently supported, with partial support for Collada (refer to the Collada export settings here).

After the file is selected, the main viewport will show the progress of the scene loading.

Default Scene

When the Clear button is clicked, Previzion will load the 4-panel scene, as when the software is reset.

Cancel Load

The Cancel button will cease any scene loading process. So, when upon startup, a large scene previously loaded can be halted using this function.


Error Log

The Show Errors button can be used when a scene has not loaded successfully. You are able to see what aspects of the scene loaded improperly.

Loader Log Files

In the Show Log button, the full list of scene parameters loaded can be viewed.

The scene loader also writes out a log file, which can be used to troubleshoot scenes that load incorrectly. The log file is named after the scene being loaded, with a .log extension. The file is located in the /Program Files/Lightcraft/Previzion/Logs directory.

An example of a FBX log file can be seen here.

Default Light

For scenes that are not using baked textures, and did not include a light, Previzion provides a default light. Toggle Add Light to enable this.

Horizon Line

Enabling the Add Horizon box creates a virtual horizon line overlay to aid in the alignment of background video plates to foreground live action. The horizontal line represents the virtual vanishing point, so the camera vertical (Y) position must be correct for this to be accurate. For example, if the real camera is 130cm above the ground, the virtual camera Y value should also be 130cm.


Enabling Wireframe will render the scene in wireframe with the textures driving the color of the wireframe.