Editable Transforms


While loading a scene, Previzion searches through the heirarchy for transforms with the prefix edit_. These transforms are displayed in the Editable Transforms list and can all be translated, rotated, and scaled. Additionally we have added the new Show feature, which can toggle objects off and on.

To move a transform, click to select the transform in the menu, and set the values in the XYZ translation, rotation, and scaling boxes. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Typing in the values directly
  • Scrolling the mouse wheel for fast motion
  • Clicking and dragging up and down in the number box
  • Holding down ctrl and clicking and dragging in the number box for fine control.

To reset the transform to the original position from the scene file, select the transform and click Reset.


Maya UI


An example of what this looks like in Maya is shown above. This is particularly useful for items that may be adjusted during shooting, such as video background where the horizon must be moved around.

This UI also recognizes the hierarchical structure of the transforms, so that when edit_World is moved, all of the child nodes move with it, while a single child node can move without affecting others.