CgFx Parameters

CgFx shaders in a scene are listed in this window, in the Scene Tab. Highlighting an individual shader and clicking Edit will bring up a window with the shader’s parameters.


Common Parameters

Named parameters that appear in more than one shader are listed under the Common Parameter name at the top of the list, and can be highlighted and edited in the same way as independent parameters.

Annotation name

All parameters are labeled with their UIName annotation name instead of the parameter name, so they are labeled the same as in Maya. If UIName isn’t specified, it reverts to the parameter name.

Parameter Groups

Parameters can now have a UIGroup annotation. All parameters with the same UIGroup are put together in a box labeled with the UIGroup name. Any parameters without UIGroup specified show up in an unlabeled box at the bottom.




Color Parameters

Color parameters (those with 3 float values and a semantic of DIFFUSE, Diffuse, AMBIENT, Ambient, SPECULAR, Specular, COLOR, or Color) now show up as a color interface (like high/low colors for the keying). You can click on the color swatch to bring up a color picker, making it much easier to adjust color parameters.



Clicking Reset sets the parameters back to their initial values as loaded from FBX file, so any changes made in Maya are carried over into Previzion.

Parameter State Save/Load/Transmit

All CgFx parameters can be saved, loaded, and transmitted in scene states.