For purposes of post rendering a 3D scene in Maya, it is important to know how to load an image sequence as a texture. Maya prefers movies to be loaded as image sequences. Not only does Maya prefer this but it gives greater control to the end user. For any video that was used as a background plate in Previzion, this must first be converted to an image sequence. This can be done using any compositing program. Examples include: After Effects, Nuke, Quicktime Pro and Fusion.

Once the image sequence is created. Load it into a file node in Maya, set a few attributes and you’re good to go.



How To

In order to render this image sequence as a movie and a texture we need to perform three tasks:

  1. Assign a file node to a shader
  2. Assign the first frame of the image sequence to the file node
  3. Turn on Use Image Sequence attribute in the file node.
    1. Notice that this automatically creates a linked connection to the Image Number attribute
    2. Changing the Frame Offset changes when the first frame of the image sequence will exist