This page references an outdated lens calibration process. Please check with your Lightcraft representative for the latest process.

Mount Motor to C-Stand

Attach the calibration motor to a C-stand as shown.

  • The C-Stand height is at the minimum.
  • The motor drive axis is angled up about 5 degrees.
  • Make sure that the drive gears are not rubbing the C-stand or the power cable.
  • The motor uses 110V AC power.
  • Make sure the C-stand clamps are tight enough to prevent the motor from slipping when the weight of the target is applied.
  • Place a sand bag on the C-stand legs to keep the target from tipping over.

Connect Calibration Frame

Connect the calibration frame to the drive motor as shown.

  • The quick-release pins are inserted from either side.
  • The target is rotated all the way to one end of the curved guide, as shown.
  • Tighten the socket head cap screws firmly.



Test Motion

Connect the motor plug to 110V AC current, and verify that the calibration target can spin through its full range of motion without interference.