This page references an outdated lens calibration process. Please check with your Lightcraft representative for the latest process.

Saving a Calibration

Before moving the camera from one calibration distance to the next, it is good practice to save your calibration.

Between calibration points you may Save or Save As.

  • Save As will prompt you to choose a name for the calibration file and a location to save it in.  Previzion defaults to its “Calibration” directory for all lens calibrations.  Make sure to save the lens with its make, focal length range and serial number.
  • Save will save on top of whatever lens file is loaded.  If this is a new calibration, it will prompt you to choose a name and a location to save it in.

Stopping a Calibration

Should you need to stop the calibration for whichever reason, you may choose to do so, as long as you are able to setup the camera the same way as before.

By following all the setup steps, there should be no trouble successfully resuming a calibration at a later time.

To stop the calibration process, simply “unpress” the Calibrate button on the Lens Calibration pane that, throughout the lens calibration process remains “pressed.”

If the lens file has not been recently saved, a dialog box will come up to let you save the data.


Resuming a Calibration

To continue a lens calibration or to add points that were skipped or deleted, simply load the lens file by pressing Load  on the Current Calibration pane.

When all settings both on camera side and on Previzion side have been checked, press the Calibrate button on the Lens Calibration pane.  You will see a dialog box that queries to start New Calibration or Add Points.

Press Add Points and the calibration will go to the very first empty calibration point and indicate the distance and zoom step to position the camera in.