A major issue when creating scenes is naming conventions and practice. It is important to name everything in a scene, even the smallest node. This way if any errors occur it will be easier to locate the culprit.

Modifying Node Names

The two easiest ways to modify a node name are with the Attribute Editor and the Channel Box/Layer Editor. Select your object, and simply select the node you would like to rename. In the Channel Box change the name by double clicking the node name, switching to rename mode, type in the new name and hit Enter. With the Attribute Editor select the tab with the node you would like to rename and highlight the text in the box under the tabs, rename the node and hit Enter.


Suggested Naming Convention

Be as descriptive as possible when naming nodes. If there could be any confusion as to one wall from another for example, make the naming more precise.

[Descriptive Name]\_\[Node Type]\_\[Optional Modifier]


  • EastWall2ndFloor\_Geo
  • EastWall2ndFloor\_Shader
  • EastWall2ndFloor\_Texture\_Bump
  • Foyer\_Camera

By following the same naming conventions all the time, it becomes easier to know exactly what’s happening in your scenes. It also helps for others to view your scene assets and interpret what is going on.

Working with Previzion

To edit object locations in Previzion, each node must be named with the prefix edit\_. A good practice is to group major parts of the scene together and name only those groups with the edit\_ prefix. If the scene includes interconnected buildings that are virtually inseparable, they should all be parented under the same group node.