Serial Connections

General Lift serial data is connected to ports COM7 and COM8. These are the S1 and S2 labeled cables on the system’s second quad serial port.

Some installations will use both a Encodacam Serial Box for the crane’s boom pan, boom tilt, and boom extension encoders, and a separate serial connection for a Talon head.

Other installations (typically for motion pictures) will use a Kuper 2000 portable computer to interface all of the encoders to. This is then connected to the Previzion system with a null modem cable to either COM7 or COM8.


To get clean tracking data, the Kuper computer, Encodacam serial box, or Talon head must be genlocked.

  • The Kuper computer uses a General Lift sync box to transform tri-level HD sync into a square wave pulse, that is then connected to the Kuper box.
  • The Encodacam serial box has a built in connection that accepts tri-level sync.
  • The Talon remote head firmware must be updated to correctly synchronize to 23.98 PsF genlock signals.
  • When the correct Talon firmware is installed, there will be a ‘–‘ on either side of the pan and tilt values in the remote head LCD panel.


Kuper Data

All of the General Lift systems share a similar serial data protocol, which is shown above in the terminal program Realterm.

Previzion assumes the use of 8 channels of Kuper data. This is the standard output from the Encodacam Serial Box. When using the Kuper 2000 computer, the output must be set to 115200 baud and 8 channels of output.

(The first channel of numbers in the above image is a Kuper timing variable, which is not used and is not counted as a data channel.)

Kuper Channel Mapping

As shown in the above image, the channels of Kuper data must be mapped into the correct motions for the Technocrane.

For the Kuper 2000 computer, look at the interface to verify what data channel is being output.

For the Encodacam Serial Box, the usual channel mappings are:

  • Channel 1: Boom Swing
  • Channel 2: Boom Elevation
  • Channel 3: Not connected
  • Channel 4: Not connected
  • Channel 5: Boom Extension

For the Talon head, channel 1 is pan, and channel 2 is tilt.