Squaring Head with Laser Boresight

For both Technocrane and encoded sliders, it is important to have the remote head squared to the boom extension axis (or the slider movement axis.)  The projected laser method of the previous page works well for darker or indoor environments, but in outdoor environments the vertical beam is too faint to see.


Alignment Method

Instead, a recommended method is to use a laser boresight, as shown above. This inserts into the matte box rails, and has a twist adjustment to increase its diameter when inside the rails for a tight fit.

Once the boresight is inserted and tightened, the head is roughly squared and pointed at an object more or less perpendicular to the boom axis. The position of the green laser dot is marked on the object. As the boom is extended or the slider is moved, the laser dot should stay in the same place if the head is properly squared to the extension axis.

If it moves while being extended, move the head left or right and remark the dot position until it stays close to stationary.

This process assumes that the camera optical axis is aligned with the matte box rails, which is usually more or less correct.