Evertz 1RU Multiframe

Evertz 7701 Multiframe

The Evertz 7701 Multiframe is equipped with the same type of converters as the original multi-box sync & video distribution but with the added benefit of a more flexible, reliable and stage-ready construction.  It is made of three key components:

  • Digital to Analog Converter
  • 2 x (two) Distributive Amplifiers

Digital-to-Analog Converter

Evertz 7731 is a digital-to-analog converter that is able to output tri-level sync.

This extracted sync is used to genlock the Aitrack to the camera’s video feed.

Distributive Amplifier

Using  the Evertz 7700DA, Previzion Comp Output is multiplied by seven, allowing the feed to be send to multiple monitors and recorders.

Merlin I/O Module

To interface incoming and outgoing video, we use a specialized video card called Merlin_IP.  This card is equipped with an I/O Module that takes in up to 2 HD Video streams and outputs 2 independent HD Video Composites out of Previzion.

Merlin Breakout Box

Merlin I/O Module

GENLOCK (IN/TRHU), AES AUDIO(1/2) and HD/SD SDI OUT (3/4) are not used in Previzion.  In the image above, these are covered with black BNC caps.

The RJ45 port marked as RS422 is used for inputting LTC when passing audio over HDSDI.  This requires a proprietary BNC-to-RJ45 adapter.

Using external SYNC and “house sync”

In multi-camera applications or when a specific camera requires it, an external sync source may be used to Genlock the Airtrack directly.  This replaces the sync “extraction” process done by the digital-to-analog converter.  Any tri-level sync can generate the proper pulse to genlock the Airtrack.

Often times, the term “SYNC” or “GENLOCK” are used interchangeably.  “House sync” is usually used in television studios where all cameras receive SYNC from a single sync generator.



When using the LTC-over-RJ45 panel, we designate one DA to replicate the camera input (“Camera DA”) and the other DA to replicate one of the Previzion outputs (“Previzion Output DA”), that comes from the Merlin output.

To send the camera signal from the “Camera DA”, you will need  plug in a shot jumper that goes from one of the “Camera DA” into the Digital-to-Analog Converter’s input.

This is an identical setup as Legacy Evertz 1U with Audio Embedder as all cards are  in the same relative positions.

Previzion LTC Settings

To send an LTC input into the Merlin and, hence Previzion, a CAT5e or CAT6 Ethernet cable (non-cross).

This connects the LTC-over-RJ45 panel and RS422 on the Merlin I/O Module.

To enable LTC in Previzion using this configuration, change “LTC Source” under “Takes” tab to “RJ45.”  On the right-hand side of the screen, you will notice that “Timecode Source” changes to LTC.

Flickering of the LTC green light often indicates that the incoming timecode is in a different frame rate than Previzion or a weak LTC signal.