Lightcraft’s Data cable connects the  Previzion system to the movie camera and its components.  It comes with a combination of cables:

  1. DATA (14-pin Lemo)
  2. Camera HD-SDI (RG6/1694F digital video)
  3. Monitor HD-SDI (RG6/1694F digital video)
  4. GENLOCK (RG179)
  5. AUX (RG179)
  6. Serial (DB9) *optional



The DB9 Serial cable is the only cable that has a male and a female end.  All other connectors are directionless.

All connectors are essentially “pass-through” cables.  In other words, what is sent through pin 1 on one end, is the received in pin 1 on the other end.

** in older versions of Data Cable, there is yet another connector for Lightcraft’s genlocked encoders.  These are no longer used.


Previzion DATA CABLE comes in three basic lengths: 100-foot, 200-foot and 250-foot.

All our cables have been tested up to 250′ (continuously) for DATA  and digital video.  Any longer runs require digital amplifiers in between, like any other professional grade cable.


For applications where a STEADICAM® is required, we provide a lighter, more flexible extension that runs the last 4 feet of cable.

This STEADICAM® TETHER has all the same cables and connectors, but in the form of an extension.  Hence, DATA is male 14-pin Lemo on one end and female 14-pin Lemo on the other end.

Care and Maintenance

Like any other piece of production equipment, the DATA CABLE requires care and proper packing when shipped.  Should there be any mishaps during a production, contact your Lightcraft representative for assistance.


DATA (14-pin Lemo)

This is the main data cable that both provides power to Airtrack and Intersense as well as transmit data for Lens metadata, IS-1200 tracking and Airtrack tracking.

DATA runs between the Airtrack “DATA” and the Serial Basebox “DATA.”

Lemo connectors have a red line/dot indicating how it needs to be aligned.  To connect it, push it in in the proper orientation.  To remove it, pull it by the textured jacket.

Camera HD-SDI and Monitor HD-SDI

These two BNC cables are heavy duty digital video conductors.  They are made from professional grade cable and connectors made to meet the highest standards.

Camera HD-SDI runs from the movie camera’s live HD output/preview to the Previzion system.  This provides Previzion’s primary video source (typically connected to your audio embedder’s HDSDI INPUT).

Monitor HD-SDI runs the final Previzion comp signal back to the camera operator to feed his or her on-board monitor.  This allows the camera crew to view the Previzion signal to compose their shot accordingly.  Typically coming from your DA’s HD OUTPUT.


This is a considerably “skinnier” BNC cable (RG179) and is intended for running tri-level sync.

Genlock runs sync from Previzion to the Airtrack.  Typically, for Previzion’s purposes, we “extract” sync by running the camera’s live video output through a digital-to-analog converter that outputs a 0.3V pulse at formation of each frame.  The Airtrack then syncs to that pulse and locks the tracking data properly to the camera feed.

When there is “house sync” provided or equivalent sync generator, you may use this cable to run your own sync instead.


As a spare cable run, AUX provides the flexibility to run between camera and Previzion in case one of the other cables break or fail.  For most applications, AUX can transmit LTC to or from camera.

Depending on the generation of your DATA CABLE, AUX may not be rated to run digital video over the whole length of your cable tether (in 200′ tethers or more).  In recent configurations that use cable L-1.5C2VS, there is more flexibility and it does allow for the transmission of digital video.

Serial (DB9)

This is the only cable that does have a direction from which it needs to run to and from camera.  Typically Male connector over by camera-side.

Serial (DB9) is meant to be used with Fujinon’s Lens Data cables as noted on our  Lens Connections – Fujinon  page.

As noted, this cable is optional and should only be added at the time of the original order.