C Motion Connections

Previzion connects to the C Motion cvolution camin 2M/4M/8M controllers as well as the Compact LCS system, and reads zoom and focus information.  Legacy 3 channel LCS systems are not supported by Previzion, or C-Motion.


  • Previzion requires C Motion firmware rev 3.9.16 or higher on the camin.
  • Camin 2M units must be mapped for focus, and zoom on the hand unit to work properly with Zoom lenses.  The Iris slider may be mapped to zoom, but that must be changed in the hand unit’s software.
  • To update the C Motion firmware, you will need the C Motion CPC-3 cable and USB/Serial adapter, along with C  Motion’s CUpdate PC program.
  • To connect C Motion data to Previzion:  use the Airtrack to C Motion cable from Lightcraft. This removes the need for an external DB9 cable. The lens data is then read as usual through the Airtrack lens port.
  • A C Motion ‘Motion Control’ serial connection cable, part # RMO-1, connected to the EXT 1 port on the camin motor controller, can also be used. This requires the use of an external DB9 RS232 serial cable.
  • If using the RMO-1 connection cable, on the Previzion side it goes to the same COM3/ Lens port that the Preston and other lens controllers connect to.
  • In the Previzion UI, the C Motion is selected with the ‘C Motion camin’ selection under Lens. If the Camin is connected and awake, the light will go green in the Previzion UI.


Remapping Axes

The C Motion camin 2M motor controller has only zoom and iris motor inputs. However, the iris motor can be mapped into a zoom motor, so that the camin 2M can be used with Previzion for a zoom lens. This is accomplished through the C Motion hand control unit menu.