Shut Down Previzion Before Starting BRec

Previzion and BRec access the same hardware resources of the video capture card. Starting one program while the other program is still running can blue screen the system.

For example, when exiting Previzion, wait a moment after the window has disappeared and make sure that the sfServer window is no longer active.

Starting BRec

To start video in BRec:  Start->All Programs->Merlin->BRec1.

Setting Video Inputs

Video->Input Select HD->HDSDI1 or HDSDI2


Opening Monitor Window

Video->Open Source Window

Setting Incoming Video Format

  • Video->Input Select HD->see list

Analyzing Incoming Video Signal

Select Video->Video/Genlock Settings to bring up the above panel. This is extremely useful, as it will automatically identify the type of incoming video, shown under the Video Standard line. In the above image, the video standard is HD 1080/23.98PsF.