With the combination of matched tracking metadata and composited proxy,
editorial and VFX can both hit the ground running.

  • Reduce or eliminate the need for post production tracking with timecode matched metadata.
  • For shots with ground contact that require post tracking, real time data can be used as a seed to dramatically increase tracking speed by 5-10x.
  • Keep track of where virtual objects were placed, on a shot by shot basis
  • Editorial can start cutting immediately, with a timecode matched composite image

Metadata Recording

frame-accurate data

Previzion’s take recording system brings tracking data cleanly from the stage into post production.

In some cases, the tracking data from Previzion can go directly to your compositing software.  In other cases, use the Previzion tracking data to drastically reduce the time spend post-tracking.

All data is matched to timecode, enabling a seamless match between the live action production and the post production world.


Take Converter

use Previzion tracking where you want it

Since each post production application has a slightly different preferred tracking data input format, Lightcraft provides a tool called Take Converter.

Take Converter converts takes from the original Previzion Take File into Autodesk Flame, Autodesk Maya, The Foundry Nuke, SSonTech SynthEyes, Science-D-Visions 3D Equalizer, and Pixel Farm PFTrack.

By using Previzion’s tracking data as “seed data” or a starting point to your tracking, the time spent tracking each shot is cut drastically.

Data Embedding

tracking metadata in your video files

Previzion uses a SMPTE  standard (315M-2004) for embedding the tracking data with the video signal dynamically, on a per-frame basis.

This data is recorded along with the video file on supported HDSDI video recorders.

Playback the recorded video from the recorder into Previzion for live adjustments in Previzion (known as Reperformance) or bring the video file into Nuke for a direct importing of the tracking data with all the capabilities of compositing in Nuke.

Nuke Import Node UI