Real-Time Compositing Tools


Real-Time Compositing Tools

Matte + Matteless Compositing

an advanced and unique method of detail extraction

By combining a traditional color difference matte keyer, along with a matteless extraction, a truly stunning composite can be achieved.

For fast adjustments on set, Previzion provides a complete set of edge controls, including:

  • Add/mix composite controls, to fix bright or dark edges
  • Edge coloration, to retint the edges and blend into a background plate
  • Dynamic spill suppression, to handle alternating dark/light areas

The hot-key-assigned interface makes for very fast and accurate adjustments.

Previzion Compositing
Matte Channel

Finish Quality Keying

The core of visual effects compositing is the keying operation.

Accurate extraction of hair details and handling tricky edge lighting conditions is the hallmark of VFX quality keying.

Previzion uses a modified real time implementation of the dvMatte Pro keying algorithm. This provides production quality keying, with all of the matte, edge, and detail extraction tools that users have come to expect from post production keyers.

The difference, of course, is that Previzion’s keying and compositing operations work in real time, so that productions can walk away from the stage with finished shots.

Color Correction

real-time color grading

To match foreground and background images, Previzion provides a complete set of image color correction tools.

Instantly recolor CG background images independently from the foreground image with the toolset, including gamma, contrast, saturation, temperature and tint controls.

Color grade and give your final composite a look with advanced color wheel controls.

With Previzion RGB Parade graphs, tweak your color knowing the proper output values.

Color Correction UI

Video Backgrounds

taking your backgrounds to the next level

In addition to the 3D rendering capabilities, Previzion can decode multiple HD and 4K resolution videos.

Perspective Camera View
Depth of Field Rendering

Tracking Mattes

extend your virtual environment for an immersive experience

Compositing requires mattes for a whole range of image operations — despill mattes, garbage mattes, color mattes, etc. Of course, the mattes must track with the scene.

Previzion provides a unique system of drawable and surveyed tracking mattes that work in 3D space, and automatically track correctly as the camera moves.

Drawn Tracking Garbage Matte