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Cinemotion opens a new Virtual Production Studio in Bulgaria


VENICE, CA (April, 2013) – Lightcraft Technology announced that Cinemotion, a leading animation and VFX studio in Sofia, Bulgaria has purchased a Previzion VFX system for use in their new Virtual Production facility.

Victor Trichkov, CEO of Cinemotion, states “effective shooting on green screen calls for a proper on set visualization and live compositing system. By using Previzion, we can remove the guesswork from the shooting process. All the production departments (DP, Director, Props, etc.) can be looking at live composites of the green screen elements with the CGI backgrounds while they are shooting them, This saves a lot of production time, minimizes errors, and confusion about the shots.”

Lightcraft’s Previzion is a real time visual effects system that provides a combination of high precision camera tracking, sophisticated rendering, and VFX quality keying that makes it the ideal solution for use in on-set compositing of virtual backgrounds and CGI characters.
The Previzion system can also provide accurate camera tracking metadata for use in post production rendering, as well as on-set visualization for feature films, commercials and high end television production.

More and more feature films are coming to Bulgaria to take advantage of the lower cost of production and the availability of experienced crews. Now, with Cinemotion’s ability to provide virtual sets, those shows can benefit both from the lower prices and not be restricted to shooting the local views and vistas.
Cinemotion can now liberate the new TV shows from the “studio” look, and provide them with much more interesting visual options and backgrounds that were unimaginable before.
Victor adds:
“We were looking for good virtual studio system for quite some time, but found that there were only software solutions with a feature set aimed more to TV news style of virtual studios, and capable of limited visual quality and complexity. We have been working a lot in the field of photo-real VFX for feature film, and we needed something that was open, easy to control and post-processing friendly.” Victor continues, “The possibility to work with tracked cameras, to check the performance of the actors in front of the final backgrounds, and to refine all this later on in the pipeline without “baking everything in” made the decision of buying Previzion a very easy one. This system is the only system in our region and I am sure there will be big interest even from neighbor countries like Romania, Turkey, and all Eastern Europe. “

“Being able to bring high complexity 3D scenes into the system and rendering them in real time is one of the big advantages of Previzion. Cinemotion is well known for the photo-real work we produce, so we have already started building a library of “virtual sets”, as a part of our “virtual backlot” project. We can sell these to our customers for interiors and exteriors instead of real locations. Now, by using our large object 3D scanner, we can acquire volume and texture information of real locations all over the world, and bring them inside Previzion for unlimited use and for a fraction of the cost compared to shooting at the real locations.”

According to Eliot Mack, Lightcraft’s founder and system architect: “Previzion is a perfect fit for Cinemotion. As more and more television and film productions continue to come to Bulgaria, it is an important advantage for Cinemotion to be able to provide services to preview the visual effects on set. This allows Cinemotion to leverage their unique combination of talents and on-location presence as a key advantage, and to keep more of the visual effects work in Bulgaria.”

Previzion’s features combine sophisticated live action, CGI, and animated characters with on set visualization. This helps producers decrease costs, speed up the turnaround of visual effects, generate on set previews of complicated VFX shots, and provide better tools to the creative team while shooting. Productions want to get it right the first time, and by providing the DP and director an accurate rendition of a completed VFX shot while actually capturing the green screen elements, costly repeats can be avoided. Previzion is designed specifically to meet these demands in one complete system.

*For a live demonstration of Lightcraft’s Previzion systems at NAB please visit Booth #SL12516

About Lightcraft Technology

Lightcraft Technology was founded in 2004 by Eliot Mack to bridge the technology and on-set production worlds. A graduate of MIT, Eliot has worked at Walt Disney Imagineering and iRobot. In 2004, Eliot followed his interests in visual effects and motion tracking and founded Lightcraft Technology, applying robotic techniques to the motion picture industry to create what would become the Previzion virtual studio system. Developed with co-founder and software architect Phil Mass, Previzion is a real time special effects system that provides a combination of high precision camera tracking, sophisticated rendering, and VFX quality keying that makes it the ideal solution for use in on-set compositing of virtual backgrounds and CGI characters.

About Cinemotion Studios

During the last 15 years Cinemotion has provided CG and VFX services for the local commercial and the foreign film markets.
Now, with the biggest green screen studio and the only motion capture system in the Balkan region, Cinemotion will bring together live action, virtual backgrounds, and CG characters together on set and in real time for the directors and creative crews, returning the process of virtual cinematography back to the “old/classic” style of film making.

Cinemotion Studios Contact

Victor Trichkov, CEO, +359 2 8689755 victor_t@cinemotion.bg