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  • Support for 24P and 24PsF added
  • Improved 4k playback performance
    • requires Hyper-threading to be disabled in BIOS

8505 (06/27/2014) – Public (requires nVidia drivers update, through Windows Update)

  • Completely new Color Tab
    • Foreground/Background independent color correcting tools, color balancing, saturation, gamma, contrast and other controls.
    • Built-in Waveform Parade Monitors (Overlay, RGB and Lumma)
    • Built-in test patterns
    • Composite “3-wheel” color correcting tools
  • 1080i 50.0Hz input format fully implemented
  • Previzion “reset on startup” is triggered when starting up Previzion holding down SHIFT
  • Proper DF and NDF timecode detection for LTC inputs
  • Corrected timecode output when using latest firmwares of Arri Alexa cameras
  • Proper lens calibration legacy export for calibration with “infinity” distances
  • Corrected “.cam” file extension for lens calibration files with period in name
  • Entry Pupil position implemented in SMPTE 315M metadata
  • Removed “CTRL + Q” hotkey to quit application
  • Tape Measure Tool outputs XYZ coordinates (relative to scene) as well as calculated distance
  • Tape Measure Tool, when “Display on HD-SDI” is enabled, can be used as a center “cross-hair” in return output
  • Keying Tab has new color pickers
  • System Tab Screen Text has new color picker
  • Fixed issue with lens calibration of prime lenses
  • Survey Matte input window updated layout
  • Known Issues
    • If matte is selected on the Mattes Tab and a save state is triggered, the matter looses its name and ends up removed.
    • Set Floor y-position does not update on focus on the interface.
    • Certain drop-down menus cycle continuously when using the mouse scroll wheel.


7831 (10/07/2013) – not public

  • Tape Measure Tool Improved – measurements are now shown as X/Y/Z measurements with reference to scene coordinates.
  • “edit_” in Collada scenes are now enabled.
  • “black frame” bug fix – fixed issue when changing frame rates, a 4k video that is paused would show a black frame.  Now it shows the first frame of the video.
  • Updated Default Sensor Size List – added F5, F55, PMW350, C300, C500.
  • Removed redundant step in Lens Calibration cycle.
  • Survey Markers default to more elegant size (0.5 of previous markers for better viewing).
  • Added missing tooltips to “Horizon line” and “Wireframe”

7802 (10/04/2013) – Public

  • Smoothing defaults to Airtrack 1.5 threshold values.
  • fixed bug when lens is set to min zoom and infinity focus.
  • 720/50Hz Input Format. Format not fully implemented, but listed.
  • secondary “high speed” output disabled.
  • Updated Default Sensor Size List – updated Alexa Plus 4:3, Alexa Studio, Alexa (16:9 mode), Red Epic, Red Scarlet.

7686 (08/23/2013) – not public

  • Airtrack 1.5 Compatibility
  • Select-able Save States Parameters.  Completely new System States with the ability to selectively pick the parameter for which to load from a given System Save State.
  • Ability to “Save” System States as well as “Save as”.  Currently, labels are swapped.
  • System Save States formatted as xml files that can be exported/imported at any given time.
  • Select-able transmit parameters when controlling multiple Previzion systems.
  • Completely new Lens Calibration interface and procedure.  Use of a “fixed position” lens calibration with various improvements which include but are not limited to:
    • Click-able lens matrix to select which point to calibrate next
    • Real-time 3D graph representing the various parameter of the lens
    • Ability to edit specific points from within the Lens Calibration interface in Previzion
    • Offline Lens Mapping of Lens Calibrations – Captured full resolution images that generates a lens calibration file that allows for archiving and potentially re-process a lens
    • Little to no need for Lens Grapher editing
    • Lens Calibration
    • Import/Export Legacy Calibration Files
    • ability to calibrate to “infinity” focus
  • Ability to make video depth (“subject depth”) lock to a specific surveyed coordinate, using markers.
  • Addition of “Enable Foreground” as scene effects to allow for “Background” only rendering when using CPU intensive scenes.
  • New Camera Sensor selector organized by camera type.
  • Addition of 720/25Hz Input Format. Format not fully implemented, but listed.
  • Screen Text toggle functions as a group for which each setting is selectable.
  • “Lens” Tab is now “Camera” tab
  • Improved Previzion focus distance interpolation algorithm

7178 (02/22/2013) – not public

  • Ability to disable/enable built-in Keyer
  • Tweaked Blue Screen “Reset Blue” Values
  • “Circle” Feature Tracking disabled in this version (please keep previous version if this is being used)
  • New “Smoothing” (replaces “Position Clamping”) for Airtrack and/or Intersense with separate settings for angular clamping and positioning clamping. Default values for Smoothing feature added.
  • “Lock” background. Freezes the background while key is held down.

6903 (11/07/2012) – Note that this and later builds require Hardware Licensing file.

  • Changed XML format of Previzion take and video network events
  • Improved “Capture Now” Thumbnails buffer for “full width” capturing
  • Improved loader and new progress bar
  • Improved Previzion system connectivity moved to TCP/IP when controlling more than one system
  • New builds use hardware licensing (requires GetSystemId)

6710(10/04/2012) – not public

  • “Show” checkbox to toggle hide/show for Scene Elements
  • Mo-Sys Crane integration as new “Location” tracker
  • Embedded metadata in HSDI output on all frame rates (data recorded on line 10 as SMPTE 315M)
  • Show observer view over HDSDI as a toggle selection
  • RED Epic/Scarlet timecode over ANC SDI data enabled
  • New Scene loader UI with cancel-able option


  • Improved 60i Keying blur


  • Added “Progressive” support for RED Epic/Scarlet integration passing through and properly outputting with no signal conversion
    • implemented 1080p @23.976Hz
    • implemented 1080p @25Hz
    • implemented 1080p @29.97Hz
  • Improved video flags verified data embedding over HDSDI output
  • 1080PsF @ 29.97 properly receives and passes through its video flags over HDSDI output
  • New garbage mattes UI
  • New “keep” and “foreground” matte functionality
  • Sortable and selectable mattes
  • Added “reset blue” defaults to Keying tab
  • Take thumbnail format changed to PNG for improved performance
  • Improved lens calibration UI for RED One 720p support
  • First pass at feature tracking implemented for additional through the lens tracking (TTL Tracking)

6355 (06/04/2012)

6317 (05/25/2012)

  • Improved 60i keying motion and video playback
  • Alt + Click RESET in Observer View moves Virtual Camera to Observer View Camera
  • Improvements with MotionBuilder PreCam plugin
  • Complete tooltip implementation for buttons and functions with hotkeys.

6296 (05/17/2012)

  • 4k h.264 playback
  • Tape measure tool
  • Center button
  • Observer view only on computer not in HDSDI Outputs
  • new system error light
  • improved take system
  • thumbnail capture changed to HDSDI capture
  • Seperate take info burn-ins for time code, take data and lens

5994 (03/05/2012)

5993 (03/15/2012)

5974 (02/27/2012)

  • 1080/25.0p support for Red Epic

5965 (02/26/2012)

5924 (02/13/2012)

5910 (02/09/2012)

5878 (02/02/2012)

  • Synchronized embedded HDSDI audio support

5844 (01/30/2012)

  • HDSDI output buttons blocked from change during take recording

5838 (01/26/2012)

  • Improved lens calibration UI

5778 (01/12/2012) —Note that this and later builds require a Merlin firmware and driver update to 0x34.

5717 (12/20/2011)

  • Capture Now button now captures screen at any time

5593 (11/29/2011)

5551 (11/21/2011)

  • Previzion logo now appears on HDSDI outptus when ‘None’ is selected as output

5500 (11/09/2011)

5459 (10/31/2011)

5445 (10/27/2011)

5424 (10/25/2011)

5400 (10/18/2011)

  • Added filter to remove Intersense single frame position ‘pops’

5366 (10/13/2011)

5349 (10/12/2011)

5289 (09/28/2011)

  • Panavision S35 anamorphic film tap support

5274 (09/28/2011)

  • Cameron/Pace Group stereo metadata rig support

5196 (09/08/2011)

  • Windows 7/64 bit port

5035 (08/17/2011)

5025 (08/15/2011)

5012 (08/05/2011)

5005 (08/04/2011)

  • Clear error log button

4973 (07/19/2011)

4938 (07/13/2011)

4855 (07/01/2011)

4819 (06/22/2011)

  • Added memory monitor

4811 (06/22/2011)

  • Added scroll bars to CgFx shader editor

4807 (06/22/2011)

4732 (05/25/2011)

  • Added Arri Alexa to sensor size support

4607 (05/05/2011)

4524 (04/20/2011)

4502 (04/07/2011)

4471 (04/04/2011)

4465 (04/04/2011)

4454 (03/31/2011)

  • Angular offset adjustments now specific to each tracker

4437 (03/29/2011)

  • Timecode display on main panel

4428 (03/28/2011)

  • Ctrl-F fullscreen keyboard shortcut

4422 (03/23/2011)

  • Animation transform usage meter

4411 (03/21/2011)

  • Cut, copy, and paste to drag edits

4398 (03/18/2011)

  • Drawn and surveyed tracking mattes

4395 (03/17/2011)

  • Despill mattes

4266 (02/17/2011)

  • Add-mix composite controls to keyer

4250 (02/14/2011)

  • Ability to change screen text color

4239 (02/10/2011)

  • General Lift Technocrane tracking

4236 (02/10/2011)

  • Stereo export data to Syntheyes exporter

4144 (01/31/2011)

  • Horizontal and vertical video input flip (for stereo)

4096 (01/21/2011)

  • Live stereo metadata from Element Technica rig

4061 (01/17/2011)

  • Switchable left/right view of stereo scene

4058 (01/17/2011)

  • Corrected IO and convergence for moving entry pupil in zoom lenses

4004 (01/03/2011)

  • Interlaced 60i rendering and MPEG2 decode

3979 (12/17/2010)

  • 1080/25.0 PsF video

3951 (12/13/2010)

  • 2nd HDSDI output for matte/comp/etc.

3838 (01/23/2010)

  • VANC timecode on 3 lines as per SMPTE RP188

3780 (11/17/2010)

  • Transmit system state over network

3779 (11/17/2010)

  • Load multiple MPEG2 files at once

3771 (11/16/2010)

  • Save and load system state
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