Why am I getting a split video with a horizontal black bar?

Sometimes having several video format options can be quite confusing.  If you are getting a split video image on your input, triple-check your camera output.  If you feed a “PsF” signal and tell Previzion that it is a “p” signal, you may get something like this:

Whenever a camera manufacturer (other than RED Camera) says that their camera records at “24p” or “23.98p” what they actually mean, as far as Previzion is concerned, is “23.98PsF“.  To adjust this, adjust your video input format in Video Tab to the proper format.

It is important to note that all RED cameras (One, Epic, Scarlet) actually output a true “p” signal.  Check our Red Camera Connections Pages for more information on RED One and RED Epic/Scarlet.

Another important thing to note is that some cameras, like the Arri Alexa, have the capability of internally recording “PsF” and outputting over “MON OUT” a “p” signal.  Triple check that these are set properly.


I am not getting any video coming into Previzion.  How can I check my incoming video signal?

Not getting video in the Previzion screen could be a hand-full of things.

Let’s check that we have video enabled.  If there is video coming into Previzion, but it is not being displayed and there is no error light on, make sure that HD-SDI 1 in the Video tab is “Enabled.”

To enable video, simply select “Enable” and the green light next to is should go on.

If this triggers the Video Source error light, then there is no video coming into Previzion.

Check that the camera output is indeed connected and outputting a valid video signal.  You may plug an external monitor to this signal to check its validity.

Also check that your cabling and connectors are all properly seated.

For reference drawings and connection diagrams, read our Connections Page.

Output HDSDI Video Stutters

If the output HDSDI video stutters after changing frame rates, power cycle the system, including removing the power cord for 10-20 seconds.

Timecode Repeating Error Light.

  • Most likely this means the device Previzion is getting its timecode from is not “FreeRun” time code or “Generated timecode”, but is instead set to “Rec-Run”.  This means Previzion is only getting new timecode numbers when the timecode generating device is recording, constantly regardless of record state like Previzion likes.

External LTC timecode not recognized.

  • Exit Previzion.
  • Start All Programs->Merlin->BRec1. Verify that there is a green bar 2/3 of the way up on the “Audio Level R1” display. Click **LTC** on the top VTR timecode display to verify LTC timecode.
  • If timecode is not displayed, check connections according to timecode settings.
  • Power cycle AJA ADA4 converter.

What if I am still having video problems?

Contact our support team for any video/camera setting questions or concerns.  Our world class team has seen, worked and troubleshooted with virtually all professional level cameras.

We chase video signals down everyday.