Check Firmware Revision

  • Open BRec, and right click the circle and triangle icon in the top left corner. Select About BRec.
  • The F1 Rev should display 0x03 – 04 for Firmware rev 3, subrev 4.

Updating Video Firmware

  • Download the current firmware, and unzip it to a local directory. This is located under Previzion Builds/Plugins under Previous Releases

  • In a MS-DOS prompt, navigate to the directory location and type: eepmerlinip -b1 -q3 -w16 MerlinIP_110.bit
  • Wait while firmware is updated and completion message appears. Press Enter to exit.
  • Power down the system, and remove the power cord for 10 seconds to completely remove FPGA state.
  • Start up the system, and verify in the Hardware Manager that the card is properly recognized.


Updating BRec

You may need to install a later version of BRec, if the RC198 version does not properly recognize the display card.

  • Use the same zip file as “Updating video Firmware” and replace the BRec.exe in the C:\Program Files\SkyMicro\Merlin directory with the new one.

Installing Current Driver

This is rarely needed, but just in case:

  • Use the same zip file as “Updating video Firmware” and unzip it to a temp directory.
  • After powering up, use the Device Manager to install a new driver.

To access Device Manager, right-click on My Computer and select Properties, then select the Hardware tab and click on Device Manager.

Direct the driver selection to the /driver\_0x32\_04/driver directory. The MerlinIP board should show up in Device Manager as below.