Stage Alignment (“Cones” File)

To correctly align the optical axis of the camera to the sensor axis, you will need a model that matches known real world locations to a high degree of accuracy. The easiest way to do this is to create a 3D model automatically from the Intersense constellation survey file.

Using Lightcraft’s Constellation Tool, one of the files you are able to create out of the stage survey is an FBX file that contains CG “cones.”

These CG cones, when loaded in Previzion can be used to verify that the constellation coordinate is what we expect it to be.  Not only does it close loop the whole tracking all the way through the lens real-time conposite, but it also allows us to tweak half-degree settings in the sensor offset that may be a result of slight iris rod misalignment or minor sensor mounting offsets.

When using cones.fbx to align through the lens, make sure to always have your camera offsets zeroed.


To download Constellation Tool, please visit our downloads page. To learn more about Constellation Tool, please visit Survey Constellation Tool and CFGs.