Save State interface

Since build 7686 Previzion supports save state XML files which allow the user to choose which parameters to load and send across the network.


Load – Will load the currently selected state in the list of states.

Save – saves over the top of the currently selected state.

Save As – Saves your state with a new name.

Import – Opens up a file explorer window allowing the user to find a save state .xml file in the windows explorer and add it to the save states list.

Export – Allows the user to place a state .xml in a directory using the Windows file explorer.

Transmit – sends your current state settings to one or more different Previzion systems on your network.

Reset – Sets your currently loaded state to all default settings.  This can be helpful if you have recently moved between versions of Previzion and are experiencing odd problems.

Remove – Deletes a state from the list, as well as from the state directory.

Transmit Groups – Selects which parameters are sent over the network to connected Previzion systems.


Selectable Parameters

State WindowTrackers – Sets your camera location tracker as well as lens controller and Sync source, and stereo rig if applicable.

Camera Location – Contains user saved camera positions.

Camera Sensor Size – Loads current sensor size, as well as custom sensor sizes saved by the user.

Camera Lens Settings – This will load a calibrated lens, or manually input values for a lens.

Videos – Loads vides, as well as destinations they were assigned to in the currently loaded scene.

Input format – loads the frame rate that Previzion was set to, as well as vertical and horizontal sync offsets.

Key – Loads all settings in the keyer.

Mattes – Will load all mattes as well as their type and blur.

Survey Markers – Loads survey marks.

Scene – Loads the scene with edit objects.

Shaders – Shader settings for all shaders in the scene.

Color – Color correction settings for foreground background and composite.

Takes setup – settings on the takes tab such as thumbnail size and take directory.

Miscellaneous – Contains settings like background color, motion blur, and depth of field multiplier.


State .XML Files

Save states are stored as .XML files which are located in C:\Program Files\Lightcraft\States\ .  Previzion.xml is the state which Previzion will open when first starting the application, and is automatically created with default settings if it is not found in the proper directory.



State files consist of human readable and editable XML text.