Baked Lighting and Textures

As real time lighting is limited artistically, most scenes used with Previzion make extensive use of baked lighting. If there are no CG lights in a scene, Previzion treats all textures in the Color channel in a Lambert shader as incandescent textures. (Placing textures in the Incandescent channel in Maya gives problems with the FBX translation, so this is the current solution.)

If transparency is desired, place a texture type that supports alpha channels, such as Targa, into the Color channel of the shader, and place the same texture in the Transparency channel. Previzion’s loader will detect that the Transparency channel is being used, and will use the alpha channel from the texture loaded in the Color Channel.

This is another workaround to deal with ways that FBX does material translation. For more direct control of which texture is driving which channel, CgFx shaders are the preferred way to approach the problem.