With 3D films and television production on the rise, the challenge for artists is to track and render in stereo. Using Previzion’s Take Converter software, artists are now able to import 3D camera data into Syntheyes. From here the camera motion can be refined and/or exported to other 3D/2D packages.

How To

  • Load the Stereo Data Into  script into the Syntheyes User Script folder
    • On Win7 with Syntheyes 2011, the path is C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\SynthEyes\scripts
  • Restart Syntheyes
    • Syntheyes will find the import script during the restart
  • Start a new Scene
  • Locate the footage for the left eye and set the proper sensor depth width
    • Make sure you press the top, highlighted button once so that the word “Left” appears
    • Set your sensor width from the .dae file associated with your shot
      • The unit should be set to “mm” when changing this setting
  • Now Select the Footage for your Right Eye
    • DO NOT SOLVE FOR A CAMERA PATH… We’re going to import it
  • Set your view to “Quad Perspective”
  • Move the mouse over the perspective window and lock it to the camera
    • RMB click, select “Lock to Current cam.”
    • You’ll now see the video in the perspective camera
  • Set the perspective camera to stereo
    • RMB click –> View –> Stereo Display
  • Depending on your stereo rig, at this point you may need to flip one of the eyes horizontally
    • If your left eye is flipped, select the Left Eye from the Shot menu
    • Now open the Image Preparation window
      • Shot –> Image Preparation
    • Select the “Rez” menu
    • On the bottom left of the window, check “Mirror Left/Right”
    • Click “OK”
  • Your Scene will now have two cameras sitting in the same coordinates and you’ll see the anaglyph rendering of the video footage in the Perspective camera
  • Uncompress and run the Lightcraft Stereo objrpath.szl sizzle script
    • It will automatically be detected and placed in the File -> Import menu
    • You will immediately be prompted to located the syntheyes camera data file created by Take Converter
    • You will then see a Syntheyes UI window. Here you’ll want to set the last frame, frame offset and any world scaling desired.
      • The Other GUI attributes are present to give you a sense of how Take Converter writes out data and what the names of your cameras are that will be operated on.
    • Click “OK”
  • Your Left and Right cameras are now in position



  • Imports stereo data from Lightcraft’s Take Converter
  • Works with Syntheyes 2011
  • Assigns unique focal length values for left and right eyes


  • Only tested on Syntheyes 2011
  • Assumes camera names of “LeftCam01” and “RightCam01”
  • You must have a stereo camera already in your Syntheyes scene


Download Latest Version

Click here to download the latest version of Lightcraft’s Lightcraft\_StereoCam\_Import.szl script

  • Last Updated: Feb 23, 2011 @11:41p PST

Update Notes

  • Feb 23rd, 2011
    • Updated sizzle script name to better reflect the script’s function.
  • Feb 16th, 2011
    • Initial Upload