The Foundry has implemented a beta plug-in for Nuke 8.0v5 and NukeX 8.0v4 to import Previzion embedded metadata from Quicktime video files. This will allow you to bring full takes into Nuke and go straight into compositing without skipping a beat.

Source Code

Download the source code, NukeCameraImportPlugin.zip, from the Dashboard.

Locate the Nuke plugins folder commonly in C:/Program Files/Nuke8.0v5/plugins.

Unzip the source code, and move the extracted PrevizionCamera folder into the Nuke plugins directory.

In the plugins folder, find the file init.py, and open in a text editor. At around line 65 add in

nuke.pluginAddPath(‘C:\Program Files\Nuke8.0v5\plugins\PrevizionCamera’); 

under the existing “nuke.pluginAddPath” line.



To bring in the Quicktime file locate the file using the browser (1). Set the frame range (3) using all frames, global, or custom. If you using custom choose the range (4). The horiz aperture(5) and vert aperture(6) will automatically be populated after extraction.

Next, hit the Extract button (2), scroll through the timeline and ensure the values are changing in the blue highlighted fields. Once, extracted, you can Create Camera (7).



Once you have imported the Previzion camera, you can start to set up your composite. This is a simple example of a composite, using Keylight to re-key green and ScanlineRender to comp together the virtual elements and render from the Camera.


Known issues:

  • Distortion is not calculated.