EDL Extraction

EDL extraction is a new feature in TakeConverter.  This feature allows editorial to provide an EDL file, which will automatically mark in, and out points in Take converter for the corresponding Previzion takes.


  • Generate a CMX3600 EDL file in your editing software, or a series of EDL files if the shoot was multiple days or used multiple cameras.
  • Point TakeConverter at the directory which contains the corresponding camera and days data.
  •  Load the EDL file into TakeConverter. by clicking “browse” under the EDL section and selecting your EDL file
  • Take converter will attempt to match EDL data with Previzion data.  If there is overlap, or duplicate timecodes TakeConverter will prompt the user to pick the correct take file



  • Ignores audio tracks, and offset audio tracks
  • Compatible with transitions
  • Able to convert Previzion take files to multiple file types at once
  • Detection of repeated timecodes, and will prompt user to choose correct file.


Currently TakeConverter is only using timecode to match edits with Previzion data, this means that each camera and each days work must be exported from your NLE as separate EDLs, and take converter must also have the corresponding Previzion data separated out as well.  Failure to do so will most likely cause the wrong data to come out of take converter.