Shooting Technique

Photoscan, Bundler,  and Microsoft’s Photosynth all use a similar algorithm for solving large collections of images. Here are some links with more details:

The Bundler FAQ has a set of recommendations for shooting images to be solved. These are summarized here:
  • Each point in the scene needs to be visible in at least 3 images
  • When walking around an object, you should take photos at least every 15 degrees
  • Overlap images by 35-50%
  • Lock exposure and shutter speed, so that all photographs have a matched exposure
  • Use a small aperture, like F/22, to keep the whole image in focus
  • Before moving from one place to the next, shoot high and low photos
  • Limit the amount of focal length (zooming) changes
As noted previously, we typically recommend a fixed lens of 28-35mm focal length to minimize distortion effects in the image.


Shooting Techniques, Continued

  • Don’t crop images
  • Panorama first, then move around
  • Make sure all photos are right side up before transferring
  • Shoot for highlights — make sure that you have original images shot from the camera angles you plan to shoot the actual take from, as the image quality is best when viewed from the same angle

Last Modified: July 22, 2014