Photogrammetry Overview

Photogrammetry uses a set of photographs to solve for the camera positions where the photographs were taken, as well as the geometry of the objects in the photographs. From this information, 3D models are created and textured with textures projected from the solved camera positions. This enables very rapid construction of accurate, photorealistic virtual 3D scenes.


There are several steps in the photogrammetry process:
  • Shooting Technique The photographs must be correctly shot for best results. This section describes the shooting process in detail.
  • Part of the Lightcraft pipeline uses the Agisoft Photoscan ¬†utility for Windows 7 64-bit. The camera positions and rough geometry are solved for, and then exported to Collada.
  • We presently use Maya as a scene modeling tool.
  • It is best to use images shot without large amounts of distortion, which shows up as bowing effects near the edge of the image. For a 35mm DSLR, this translates into a recommended lens with a focal length from 28-35mm.

Getting Started

Last Modified: December 6, 2012