Getting Started

  1. Create a polygonal cube
  2. Reposition Based on Point Cloud Data
  3. Identify 3 cameras that describe a large section of the mesh
  4. Add Photogrammetry Shader
  5. Resize Cube based on Texture information

Create and Position Polygonal Cube

One of the successes of Photogrammetry modeling is the ability to model with very low resolution meshes. To that end, in this tutorial, almost every object will start from a cube and grow only as needed. * Create a Poly cube * Size and Position it in space, according to place in point cloud data

Creating and Positioning the First Cube

Identify 3 Cameras that Clearly View your Cube

First start by finding the undistorted projected images

Video Tutorial

This video will walk you through, step by step, from creating a poly cube, to assigning the CGFX Projection shader required for Photogrammetry modeling.

This tutorial includes how to use the Lightcraft pipeline tools.

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Download Video


Last Modified: February 8, 2012