Maya Collada Import

We use the OpenCollada plugin available from

To enable Collada import/export:

  • Install the plugin as per the instructions.

  • Window->Settings/Preferences->Plug In Manager

  • Deselect fbxlmaya.dll. The Collada importer will not work otherwise.

  • Check ColladaMaya.mll for Loaded and Auto Load.

  • Close dialog box.

  • File->Import. Select ColladaMaya DAE Importer as the File Type.

  • Select the Collada chunk file that you created earlier.

Aligning Chunks In Maya


Since Photoscan will have solve all the various chunks in their own coordinate systems, you will need to manually align the chunks in Maya.

As you can see from the above image, each chunk comes in under a separate transform named after the chunk name. The transform contains the reference geometry, as well as all of the named and aligned cameras.


  • Select a reference chunk. Using the orthogonal views in Maya, rotate the reference chunk until the mesh corresponding to the floor is at Y=0 in the Maya scene, and the scene is level.

  • Select the next chunk. Set the floor at Y=0 and level it in the same way that you did the first chunk.

  • To make it easier to scale the second piece to match the first, move the mesh’s origin to be at the bottom of the mesh, and at one corner. While in object mode, press Insert, move the object origin, and then press Insert again when completed.

  • Once this is done, it is straightforward to align the object to one side of the existing mesh, and scale and rotate it to match into the rest of the scene. The above image shows a second mesh correctly fitting into the original mesh.

Last Modified: September 27, 2011