Fix Import Camera FOV

The ColladaMaya importer does not properly import the horizontal FOV, so we need to do this manually:
  • Look in the Collada file for a section like this:
<camera id=”camera1″ name=”camera1″>

The horizontal FOV for this camera is 86.4 degrees. With scenes that were shot with the same focal length (recommended), this means that we can substitute the focal length for all cameras.

  • Select a camera in the scene, and paste the xfov value you foundĀ  into the Angle of View setting. You will see the focal length change to reflect this. Copy the new focal length setting down.
  • Display->Hide->All and Display->Show->Cameras to select all cameras.

  • Ctrl-A once or twice to display the channel box. Select the field of view and paste the changed value here to set the correct FOV for all selected cameras.

Pick 3 Cameras

To do the projection shader assignment, you’ll need to select 3 cameras that project onto the object to be modeled from 3 different directions. Write down the camera names (which are the names of the picture associated with it.) When selecting the cameras, the order in which you select is somewhat important. Given the nature of the shader and the options given, it is best to pick an image for the background that the borders will not have to be edited (ex. the middle image of 3.)

Last Modified: July 28, 2014