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About this Manual

This manual is provided to help users get a better understanding of the technologies, practices and other aspects of the specifics that surrounds your Previzion system.  It will cover all aspects of Previzion, recommendations, configurations, updates, features and operations.

Topics and user interface workspaces are grouped in chapters and subsections.  Each section has subsections marked by title headers.

Setting you a Previzion system requires actual training that is provided by Lightcraft.  This manual is not intended for starting from no understanding of the technology, but instead as a reference manual to all active Previzion operators, owners and enthusiasts that would like to get up to date with the latest features and functions in operations. New features and elements are added to Previzion almost daily and this is the best way to check what is new.

Check this documentation often.  This manual is constantly updated without prior notice.  The priority in which things are updated and written more about varies depending on customer input and needs.  Please contact your Lightcraft representative for clarifications or documentation requests.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

User Information

All Lightcraft systems and system components have a 1-year factory warranty, after which it may be renewed depending on the device.  Lightacraft’s hardware and software support services are limited to yearly renewal fees after the anniversary of the delivery of your system unless otherwise negotiated.  For more information, refer to our Standard Terms and Conditions.

User Notice

All information, recommendations, documentation, screen shots and specifications are subject to change and updates without prior notice from Lightcraft (or “manufacturer”) or any of its team members.  The manufacturer team members writes and updates documentation based on customer input, technical recommendations by the respective industry standard and on field experience as professionals in the field.  The manufacturer’s system is constantly improved and perfected with basis on customer feedback.  Any and all features described in the manual as updates as often as possible and in no shape or form do they reflect the very latest state of Previzion as there may be discrepancies in build versions from machine to machine.  Should the programs, plugins and hardware associated with your Lighcraft system prove defective or show signs of unexpected behavior not explained in this manual, please contact your Lightcraft Representative.   The manufacturer is not responsible for misuse, misunderstanding or noncomprehending of this manual that results in damage of your system and associated equipment.

The manufacturer has a knowledgeable support team and training team on call that can assist with any questions or concerns found in this manual.  Should there be any section that requires updating or clarifications, please contact your Lightcraft Representative.

The manufacturer is not responsible for consequential damages, incidental damages or unapproved servicing and repairs that results in damage or malfunctions.  It is the responsibility of the end-user to properly operate, maintain and undergo servicing of their system as instructed by the manufacturer.

Always verify with the manufacturer that voltage, temperature and humidity is up to specifications before using the Lightcraft system in untested conditions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]