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 Hot keys as of Build 6903


Ctrl+F Toggle Previzion Full screen mode

F1   Tracking Tab
F2   Lens Tab
F3   Stereo Tab
F4   Video Tab
F5   Keying Tab
F6   Mattes Tab
F7   Scene Tab
F8   Color Tab
F9   Takes Tab
F10  System Tab

Shift+1  Display View Comp
Shift+2  Display View Foreground
Shift+3  Display View Scene 
Shift+4  Display View Matte
Shift+5  Display View Scene Blend
Shift+6  Display View None

Ctrl+1  SDI 1 Comp
Ctrl+2  SDI 1 Foreground
Ctrl+3  SDI 1 Scene
Ctrl+4  SDI 1 Matte
Ctrl+5  SDI 1 Scene Blend
Ctrl+6  SDI 1 None

Alt+1  SDI 2 Comp
Alt+2  SDI 2 Foreground
Alt+3  SDI 2 Scene
Alt+4  SDI 2 Matte
Alt+5  SDI 2 Scene Blend
Alt+6  SDI 2 None
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Ctrl+Alt+I   Roll Take
Ctrl+Alt+O   Cut Take

J   Restart All Videos
K   Pause All Videos
L   Play All Videos
T   Show/Hide Screen Text
M   Enable/Disable Mattes
N   Show/Hide Mattes
C   Show/Hide Survey Markers
V   Add/Remove Light
U   Capture Thumbnail Now
H   Toggle Horizon Line
G   Toggle Wireframe mode

Ctrl+S   Save Current System State
Ctrl+T   Send System State Over Network
Ctrl+O   Load Scene
Ctrl+N   Clear Scene

P     Enable/Disable Observer View
;     Reset Observer View
Alt+; Resets Virtual Camera to Observer View/Observer View to Virtual Camera

Keying Tab Only
= Pick High Color - Pick Low Color

Tracking Tab Only
W Enable/Disable Edit Camera Position
Q Save Current Camera Position 
Page Up Go Up To Next Saved Camera Position 
Page Down Go Down To Next Saved Camera Position

Drawn Matte Window Only
Backspace Removes last point added and allows flipping matte selection

Hot keys for build 6903 and above.

Download the latest Hot Keys list from the Dashboard[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]