Surveyed Mattes

Surveyed mattes are typically used to provide garbage matting for greenscreens, or other objects that are at a fixed spot in 3D space and can be measured with the same survey tools used to measure the tracking targets.

To create a surveyed matte, click Add Surveyed under the Holdout Mattes tab. A dialog box will appear with default vertex coordinates; enter the surveyed coordinates to fix the matte position. Remember that the total station Northing = +x, Easting = +z, and Elevation = +y. All units are entered in centimeters.

Click OK when completed. The Keep matte preserves the live action video that is within the blue area, and defaults to the background virtual scene outside of the blue area. Other commands:

  • Enable turns on and off the overall matting function.
  • Show shows a wireframe outline of the existing mattes. The outline is light blue, and the affected area of the matte is a darker blue.
  • Edit brings up the matte highlighted in the list for editing.
  • Remove deletes the highlighted matte.
  • Blur Radius sets the pixels to use to transition the matte edge.