This page discusses keeping clean faces for export

  • Using Selection Constraints
  • Co-planar faces (lamina)
  • N-Gons: Faces with more than 4 sides
  • Triangulation by Hand

Selection Constraints: Cleaning Faces

The Selection Constraints window pinpoints geometry based on various search criteria.

  • Faces constructed with n-amount of edges
  • Faces with zero area, modified by user defined threshold
  • Faces with zero texture mapped area, modified by user defined threshold


Step 1: Triangulate N-Sided Faces

N-Gons, or N-Sided Faces, are any faces constructed by 5 or more edges. These faces need to be divided until they are quads (constructed by four edges), or triangles.

  • Select your object. With mouse still over object, RMB + Click & Hold to get radial pop-up menu. Select Faces from menu.
  • Open The Select Constraints Window: –> Polygons (Menu Set) –> Select –> Select Using Constraints
  • Make sure to select “All and Next” from the radio buttons along the top.
  • For Order type: select “NSided”

  • Triangulate the selected faces with: Polygons –> Mesh –> Triangulate