Panavision analog video tap to Previzion

In order to connect an analog video tap to Previzion you must have some additional video converters. This is because Previzion does not natively accept analog or standard definition video.  A combination we have tested is to take the composite video out of the tap, and convert it to SD SDI using an AJA D10AD then the SD SDI gets converted to HD SDI using a Decimator MD-DUCC then into Previzion.

Video going into Previzion must be formatted and converted properly for tracking to work properly.

  • The video must be in one of the supported input frame rates.
  • The video must fill the screen from the left to the right edge.
  • The video can not be squeezed or distorted, a circle held in front of the camera must be a circle in the Previzion window, not an oval.

We had success using the Panavision video tap to remove the Anamorphic Squeeze from the video, then passing that through the AJA D10AD, then have the MD-DUCC upconvert that video to 23.98PsF.  The DUCC also had to zoom into the video cropping off the top and bottom, which were just black, to make the video fill the viewer window.  We were successful using the “9. IN=4:3 FS,OUT=16:9 with 4:3 ZM” setting referenced on page 4 of the DUCC manual.  If you aren’t using Anamorphic lenses just have the video tap pass the video normally, no need to unsqueeze however the rest of the settings still apply.

Panavision reference manuals can be found here: http://www.panavision.com/reference?page=1&category=84


Decimator MD-DUCC reference manual can be found here: http://lightcrafttech.com/pdf/Decimator_Designs_MD-DUCC_V1.1_SETTINGS_TWO_PAGES.pdf




Previzion with Panavision anamorphic video converted from SD tap


Panavision Transvideo monitor set to 4/3 ratio