Previzion and Panavision anamorphic Lenses

Previzion is capable of working with Panavision anamorphic lenses as long as a few requirements are met.

  • Video fed into Previzion must be the proper aspect ratio corrected for the anamorphic squeeze. Meaning a circle held in front of the camera should look like a circle on Previzion not an oval.
  • The video needs to fill the whole Previzion viewer window from right to left edge, not be a small rectangle in the middle. It also can’t fill the screen top to bottom since it is supposed to be wide screen video and that would mean we are cropping off the right and left sides.
  • Video must be in a format Previzion understands.

Once those requirements are met in Previzion select “Panavision S35 anamorphic” as your camera sensor, or manually input “49.78” for the sensor width.

For help with Analog Standard definition video taps please see Connections> SD analog video tap.

Panavision Transvideo monitor set to 4/3 ratio

Previzion with Panavision anamorphic video converted from SD tap