Capturing MPEG2 Video

BRec captures high quality MPEG2 video that will load directly into Previzion. To capture:

  • Have the correct video input settings selected, as shown to the left.
  • Right click in the BRec Batch List window, and select Insert New Job.
  • Right click on the new filename, select Rename and pick a destination folder and filename.
  • Right click on I to I, and select 5.
  • Right click on I to P, and select 1.
  • Right click on VT-Bitrate, and select 40,000.

Under the main BRec window:

  • Click the red Arm button on the main panel to prepare the encoders.
  • Click the red Start Recording button to start capturing.
  • The status of the capture is shown in the BRec Messages window below the main window.
  • Click Stop to stop recording.
  • Wait and watch the yellow Muxing line cross the interface; this is BRec fusing the various data streams together.

The resulting .mpg file can be loaded and played directly in Previzion, and the high bit rate of the encoding will mean that MPEG2 artifacts will be minimal.