Power and serial data for the Airtrack, Intersense, and lens connections are all on the 14 pin Lemo data cable connector going into the Airtrack.


The Airtrack has a genlock port that accepts bi-level and tri-level analog video sync signals. The following devices are known to produce analog tri-level sync:

  • AJA GEN10 sync generator
  • Evertz MSC 5500
  • Evertz 2430DAC-HD (sync out on grey and black cables)
  • Evertz 7731DAC-HD analog HD signal/sync generator using sync output

Airtrack Sync Light Colors

The Airtrack light has the following colors:

  • Red: no sync signal is recognized
  • Green: an interlaced or PsF signal is recognized (23.98 PsF, 24.0 PsF, 25.0 PsF, up to 60i)
  • Amber: a progressive scan signal is recognized (23.98P, 24.0P, 25.0P). This is typically the case when using a 23.98P genlock signal for a Red One or Epic

Seeing the amber color of the Airtrack sync LED is clearest when looking at it face on.



Adapter cables from the Airtrack to a variety of lens controllers are available:

  • Preston 3 and 4 pin MDR controller
  • cmotion camin 2/4/8m
  • Canon lenses with virtual port, using the Canon Data Splitter
  • RT Motion (legacy support only)

Fujinon lenses use more connectors in the RS232 spec than the TXD and RXD that the Airtrack lens port contains, and so require a separate DB9 R232 cable.


The 8 pin Lemo connector connects the Intersense mount to the Airtrack front panel, and provides a pass through serial connection to the Previzion CPU.