The wireframe shader is useful when needing to test an object’s position in space and to make sure live action is lining up with CG characters. In this situation, the live action ground could be recreated as a 3D mesh and then viewed in Previzion using this shader. This shader is simple and performs only operations regarding wireframe rendering.

  • Transparency
    • this defines how opaque or transparent the wireframe will be
    • type: float
    • unit: normalized color
    • range: [0,1]
    • Previzion Name: “transparency”
  • Hide Backfaces?”
    • Turning this on will hide all lines that face away from the camera
    • It make it easier to see through objects
    • type: boolean
    • range: on/off
    • Previzion Name: “hideBackFaces”
  • Depth Range (cm)”
    • Useful when rendering the wireframe with depth based coloration
    • This value sets the max distance from the camera when defining colors
    • Setting a smaller value will show change in depth over a tighter range
    • type: float
    • unit: centimeters
    • range: [0,+∞)
    • Previzion Name: “depthRangeInCentimeters”
  • (On) = solid color; (Off) = depth colors
    • Toggle between rendering a solid color or rendering depth based coloration
    • When on, shader will render a solid color
    • type: boolean
    • range: on/off
    • Previzion Name: “useSolidColor”
  • Color for Solid Color Render
    • Defines the color when rendering the wireframe with a solid color
    • type: float3
    • unit: normalized color
    • range: R–> [0,1], G–> [0,1], B–> [0,1]
    • Previzion Name: “solidColor”



Download Latest Version

You may download the latest Wireframe.cgfx from our Dashboard.

  • Last Updated: Aug. 16th, 2011 @ 2:46p PST

Update Notes

  • Aug 16th, 2011
    • Initial Upload