Thick Glass Shader

The Thick Glass shader is intended for glass items at the back of a scene where the only thing visible through it will be the environment bubble. Unlike the “thin” glass shader this one can refract the background image.Its not yet possible to see other CG geometry in the scene by looking “through” it, only the background environment map.



The controls (as seen in Maya):

Shader library 2014 Docs (5)

The softness sliders blur the reflected and refracted textures, making the thick glass appear cloudy. Lower values (down to zero) are sharper, while higher values appear less distinct.

Falloff amount produces a bias on the Fresnel term, which is calculated from the indexes of reflection and refraction. This varies the transition from looking through the object (along the line of sight) versus glancing off and seeing the environment reflected.

The environment sampler is a latitude/longitude texture map of medium-high resolution (e.g. 1k) of the object surroundings.

Intensity is a brightness multiplier.

The refracted and incident IOR (indices of refraction) model the refractive power of the media on each side of the surface. Changing these alters how light rays are bent going through or off of the surface.

The final parameter rotates the ambient environment map on the global Y axis. This allows matching the object’s environment map to an environment bubble or cyclorama which may be positioned differently.


Download the Shader Library 2014 package from the Dashboard.